SALE at ZARA: Rush Out For These Must Haves


  • High waisted black jeggings:We already know that you might be having one or many of these. However buying a pair with a new detail or an extra pair specifically for outings is never a bad idea.

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  • Basic Tees : You need them always, and you love the ones that are from ZARA.These are the ones you will be wearing all around the year.

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  • Easy Breezy Tops:These are ideal for your “Suddenly Big Chill Jane ka Plan Ban Gaya ” moment and for many others! 

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  • Black & White custom outfits:These are my personal favourites ! Why?- You ask because, getting stuff from ZARA that can be worn like stuff from CHANNEL. Ohh-la-la. Talk about dreams coming true!  Image result for black and white outfits from zara
  • Tote Bags:They are basic, they have a lot of space, and they will look super cool with the stuff mentioned above. Image result for tote bags zara
  • Solid Jumpsuits: They range from dates to day outs, are never out of style and of course every wardrobe needs a trendy addition once in a while.


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  • Detailed White Tops: Because the only white tops that look good with all your denims are from ZARA, and we do not believe in breaking the traditions.


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  • Statement Accessories: They are always unique, always classy and somehow we always feel that belong to our top shelf drawer. Because they make us stand above the crowd! 

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  • Scarves : The beautiful prints hanging from shelves as you pass buy, will look you in the eye and via them reach out to the freak in you and in that small moment you will mentally put together an outfit including them, and bam add it to the cart.


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  • Little Perfumes: Just when you head towards the billing counter thinking you are done for the day, you spot them in the aisle and the impulse buyer in each one of us rises, selects the fragrance and says : Now, I am done! 

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