Santoshi Shetty at Paris Fashion Week

As they say that it is more about what you do with life rather than what life does to you. An architect who is now a fashion blogger is now setting new standards day by day. She roamed about the streets of Paris like she owned them and we are nothing but impressed. Her style is just like her journey which has evolved day by day. From a fashion blogger to a beauty freak and now a travel enthusiast her style was all we could talk about!

–Dream Bigger & Do Bigger–

Rising like The Sun

Her outfit says it all. One of the most known life coaches has recently stated that 8 out of 10 successful people lay out their clothes in the evening and that is one of the contributing factors behind their success!  This picture is the reason why. Also that monochrome bag with them colourful clothes is the spirit for fashion week.

P.S: Have a look at all the pictures and don’t miss out on that “Hoodie on Head” post.

Boss Girl Hustle

She is at one of the most beautiful places with a parade of fashionable clothes- She is surrounded by loads of blogger babes who are all in for a lot of fun- She may need some rest and is probably tired from some jet lag. However, she means all business

Super Co-ordinated

She is co-ordinated with the place. The perfect combination of some fashionable vibes and that professional aura. However we are totally in love with that splash of pink with those brown shades.

This one has got it all

For once, we have drooled over a PFW look and have not taken the screenshot because, deep down we know that we will never be able to replicate the aura of that post.

Blown out of Proportions

We are blown by that fur-that bag-shimmer and sparkle dress and whatnot!

Sharing some Space

It looks like she has shown her skills of architecture because the peaceful co-excistence in the post is something we are totally in love with!

Keep Guessing

It will definitely take you some time to get addicted to this kind of fashion fusion. Because this girl has got what it takes to make heads turn and heart swirl!



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