Sejal Kumar at Paris Fashion Week

She may come out as a “Next Door Girl” to you however starting from Fashion in a Budget as her niche and then making it to Paris Fashion Week definetly calls for some praise! It is pretty evident from her content and consistency that she has been working really hard to be where she is and it is actually moments like this which make us exclaim “It was all worth it”.She has definetly made it big on the gram and is adorded by her youtube community, and we are more than excited to see her rocking it at the Fashion Capital!

Best Moments From Sejal Kumar’s Days at Paris

Neon on Board

Because when girls meet it is all about trends. That neon dress was a total blast and well that off shoulder was all the splash that we needed.


P.s : Still Working.

We all know that bloggers work 24*7, and well that is the spirit of doing whatever it takes. Sejal Kumar has actually proved that she ain’t our average blogger.

Throwback Time Already

Because as soon as we are over that jetlag phase, there is this euphoria that makes us fall in love with all our pictures. All we need is a our phone with a couple of portable chargers (maybe, a few editing apps) and because of all the love we have for our pictures and poses, and then just like that we post our favourite pictures on the gram.

Love Them Co-ords 

She has all our applaud for having the guts to pull of basic co-ord in a place like Paris, however the beautiful white ensemble is paired with loads of confidence and is makes it to one of our favourite looks of the Fashion Week.

Lets Just Flaunt 

Lets all agree that she has a way with co-ords and they look oh-so-good on her, wearing a pankaj and nidhi co-ord she easily proved it to everyone that you can look all dolled up and glamourous all the while being in your own skin.

We Have Arrived

Because, First impression matters and she made one hell of a first impression in a well sculupted dress from another prestigious Indian Label she looked all regal and well those poses were to die for.

Spotted @ Stories 

Let’s Get Going

Because no trip is complete without an airport boomerang-colourful suitcases and a eye wied smile. Also, if you are travelling in first class and that to one of the hottest destinations in the world we woudn’t mind any stories enough.

Soaking It All

Because it is all about the memories you make and the things you will be laughing about in the days to come! She has had the best of her time in all the fashion shows and has lived them through.

That Relatable Fun

Because we would all feel elated while getting to watch the Eiffel, and would make a little extra stories. Those little white apartement shoots looked every bit cute even from here


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