Seven Things to Learn From The Journey of Aashna Shroff 

If Bollywood, would get inspired and would want to make a movie on blogging either it would be based on the life of Aashna Shroff or It would be of some girl inspired from the diva herself. Needless to say, Blogging and this diva go hand in hand and they both owe a lot to each other. An inspiration for many and an icon for the rest. 


–The Idea was to Inspire–

Bold Decisions

We are all aware of how Aashna Shroff ended up doing, what she does and no matter how many times we go through her journey we are more and more awed by her decision making abilities. First thing’s first opting for a career in teaching was a very unconventional choice of all times and still she it 100 percent before changing her path.


The basic ingredient to make it work is the willingness to do whatever it takes. There was a time when her online shopping portal was going on really well, and her mother wanted her to focus only on that. However she focused on her blogging career with all her might and rest as they say is history.

Respecting Work 

Aashna Shroff herself has gone on record saying that she wants to work with all kinds of brands, and is not partial towards the “Grade A” ones. Her sole aim has been to create relatable content irrespective of the money offered in campaigns. 

Importance of Community 

Because that is how she began and that is exactly how she is going to continue it. Aashna Shroff merely started by posing in the clothes that were sold on the Snob Shop. She has gone on record saying that blogging is simply an extension of your personal life. The diva has always practised what she portrayed. 

Vision & Determination

If you are planning with a definite end result in mind, you have already won half the battle and Aashna Shroff shows you how. The time she began blogging she was without any guidance or mentorship however she was so much drawn to the work and had a knack for fashion as well as writing.

Journey v/s Destination

Looking back at how and when the snob journal was established and has evolved, all we can say is that Doors are always open, if you are bold enough to knock. She embraced the hardships along with the success and was always ready for more exposure. Going for formal education in blogging and fashion after starting her blog is a kind of confidence, not demonstrated by many. 

Absolutely No Limitations 

For a girl who was brought up by a single mother, in a bustling city like Mumbai, was inspired by none other than Blake Lively, someone who is extremely open about her journey-her struggles and most importantly about the people who tried to put her down. Aashna Shroff is the perfect example that their are no limitations in life whatsoever.