“Shereen Love Bug” at L’oreal Paris Fashion Week

Sometimes it is actually as simple as that, you love something with all your heart and you pursue it with all your being and as they say (well, in Hindi) “Hum Chalte Gaye and Rasta Banta Gaya”. As far as Shereen can remember she was always into fashion and she was never bothered about any of the stereotypes associated with the industry. Being a fashion student-a stylist for Btown- and now a full- time content creator she has lived her dreams. Paris to Fashionista’s is what Pizza is to Foodies we just can’t get enough of it and everytime is just as enticing as the first one and when it comes to going to that Fashion Heaven at the time of fashion week is what we foodies would call a Cheese Burst Pizza. So wrapping up with Shereen’s introduction and my undying love for Dominoes, Let’s have a look at :

Shereen Love Bug’s Time at L’oreal Paris Fashion Week.

We Have Arrived 

Because we all know that Fashion is all about that impactful first impression and we are all awed by that look. That post just makes you stare at it for a while and then you start to breakdown all the parts that make the picture what it is: Is it that flawless makeup? Those huge eyes? That black outfit paired with that sexy jacket? That Dior Bag that is now in our to-buy list.

Statement Bag’s

If fashion is an industry, and bloggers are now entrepreneurs. Good Bags are the ultimate investments. Getting a good bag from a renowned brand is like having a new family member. We just can’t wait to spend time with it- have fun with it and take it places and of course in this case: Styling them.

Love Them All 

Why stick to a few colours when there is something special about all the colours. Since that smile was all wide and touching her eyes pairing that with those colourful shirts and those vibrant dresses was indeed a very good idea.

Tag Before Jet Lag 

The only thing that keep a girl awake from those jetlag vibes is that stuffed picture gallery. Those pictures who were demanding our undivided attention and want to make it to the gram as soon as possible.

Alice in a Wonderland 

Since you are at such a grand place soaking in all that city has to offer and then suddenly you feel like giving them overwhelming vibes back to the place. That dress said it all!

All Black So Swag 

Because when all the colours are mixed together we get Black. Shereen was dressed in an oversized black ensemble for the isseymiyake show and well wearing that all-black outfit to that colourful show was indeed a very good idea.

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Swipe across for my look breakdown and highlights of the @isseymiyakeusa show at @parisfashionweek with @lorealmakeup 🖤 I’m wearing 114 – I represent on my lips and Lash Paradise Mascara! I’m wearing @gauravguptaofficial Menswear as a trench with my @burberry Lola bag! Okay now the show – I don’t even know how to begin! One of the most beautiful, whimsical shows I’ve ever seen! Satoshi Kondo, the new head designer of the Japanese Label ran through a sea of happy pretty models bouncing around, to show the fluid texture of the fabrics. The collection was inspired by A Sense of Joy – the feeling of cool breeze, laughter, feeling weightless and free movement! That feeling came across soo clearly in the show as models displayed fashion through performance, art, floating dresses, skateboarding on the runway, ballerinas twirling around like air.. have a look for your self, tell me what you think! . . . #isseymiyake #parisfashionweek #pfw #lorealmakeup #lorealPFW #fashion #ootd #burberry #gauravgupta #ggpanther

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A Very Thoughtful Idea 

We are talking about the most important picture when you are in the City, and that is the mandatory Eiffel Tower picture and we must say that getting that “Beautiful Candid” with that customised Dior Bag adding that “X Factor” to the picture!

P.S: Don’t forget to swipe right for that beautiful group picture!

Keeping Those Head-Heels and Standards High

Nuff Said Guys — The picture speaks for itself!


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