Shereen Sikka is Too Glam To Give a Damn

Fashion Blogging might come off as a very glamorous, fun and easy to do from the outside. But, the reality is not always what you see. There is a lot of constant struggle and hard work that goes behind that camera. In a world that just expects perfection from everything you do; it’s hard to be 5’1 and not that skinny and still be India’s one of the leading fashion blogger.

“When you don’t dress like everybody else, you don’t have to think like everybody else.”

Welcome back our readers! Creatorshala presents another inspiring article on a woman who is leading the fashion world and she is nothing less than a boss lady- Shereen Sikka founder, Love And Other Bugs. Her name is what pops up in the mind when we talk about fashion blogging. With that unique sense of styling she has won hearts of many and her Instagram fan following is 260K, which by the way, is growing every minute.

Coming from a fashion background, Shereen knew she wanted to do something in fashion and nothing else. Studying fashion in London and then working as a stylist in Bollywood has taught her a lot. But everyone wishes to move on. Blogging for her wasn’t planned neither was it on her To Do list. When Shereen started talking about her personal style on social media more and more people started relating to her. It’s not important to be tall and skinny and have to perfect face and body to love fashion. Her love for fashion is what makes her content super special.

This fashionista has a very creative approach when it comes to fashion. You’ll see her in a variety of outfits and it’s treat to the eyes how she carries each one so differently. It’s amazing how she puts in so much effort for all her looks, keeping an eye on all the minute details so that everything comes out like a dream. When it comes to fashion she is bold and open, creative and unique yet fun and quirky in her own way.

We are crushing over these looks:

Boss Babe Vibe

The Runaway Queen

The ‘Little Black Dress’ With a Twist

Saree Not Sorry


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