Skin care with Facial Oil

Skin needs oil to maintain a healthy balance, otherwise it will get dry and you will have more chances of wrinkles, fine lines and dryness on your skin. Facial oils helps your skin to moisture your skin and protect it from environmental damage, moreover it works with every type of skin.

Today we will discuss the benefits of facial oils on every type of skin and methods to use it.

When you look for facial oils, keep in mind that you need to choose oil which has smaller molecular size, like argan, squalane and jojoba oils, as if the molecular structure of oil is big, then it will not penetrate through the top layer of the skin. Lighter oils can easily sink into your skin without blocking the skin pores.

Note- You should go for the oil which are bottled in dark glasses as light and heat can damage the oil.

1. Dry Skin :- Marula oil is great for reducing dryness,redness, irritation and hydrate your skin. It’s not at all heavy so you will not feel greasy. Coconut and squalane oils are also suitable for this type of skin. You can easily find Marula oil online, stores such as and have such oils. A moisture with hyaluronic acid in conjuction with a facial oil would work well for dry skin.

2. Normal skin :- You should avoid using heavy oils on your skin. Squalane, jojoba, marula oils are good for your skin. Always apply such oils with moisturize. Add 2-3 drops of oils with the moisturizer and mix it well and then apply on your face.

3. For Acne-Prone Skin :- Acne tells you that the oil to water ratio on your skin is off balance. You should opt lighter oils for your skin such as Tea tree oil as it contains ingredients that can kill acne-causing bacteria and helps removing the dead skin cells.

4. For Oily Skin :- Light oils are good for such skins because they does not make skin greasy. Use oil with lightweight moisturizer so that it reliefs you from oily on your face.

5. For Combination Skin :- Marula oil works great with such type of skin. Use oil with lightweight moisturizer so that oil can esily penerate with your skin.

How to Use it –

1. Wash your face gently with fresh water.

2. Add few drops of oil with your light weighted moisturizer, apply it to your face.

3. Massage it using a sweeping an upward motion.

4. You can also use under your SPF in the morning or blend 2-3 drops with your foundation while applying makeup.

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