Statements that prove, there is Beauty in Simplicity


Because, beauty is not just a noun, it is a subtle yet loud appeal to the aesthetic senses. Its more of an expression, which is known- used- loved and feared all over the world! Having been the banner of many definitions, discussions and opinions and still nothing suffices to what is ultimately held and what is relieved of it! 

Team Creatorshala stands in support of the most serene definition : There is Beauty in Simplicity 


Simple means Sophisticated : Sophistication is the meeting point of Beauty & Simplicity! Dressing up in solid pastel clothes and walking out bare face with set hair is the look sported by people loud intellect and soft personality. 

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Less is More : The trick here is to leave more to the imagination than actually revealing what you feel. Contrary to the trends going around when people are getting dressed and dolled up in accordance to the occasion, keeping you dress and makeup to a minimal is the key. Accentuate your features but do not overload on the makeup. Basically lining your eyes with kohl and a nude pink lipstick always wins over dark lipstick and smokey eyes. 

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Simplicity Breeds Confidence : Walking around in your own aura, not hiding under layers of makeup, is sure to bring out the inner diva in you. Because a lady always knows what to wear, but it is a lady with a purpose that knows she can wear anything and the world will still be falling at her feet.

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Quotient of Independence: Not using a lot of products to enhance your appearance, or not wearing a lot of accessories states that  you are not dependent on a statement look, rather you are confident enough for 

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Simplicity is the essence of Happiness:Because real happiness lies in accepting what you look like rather than fitting in with what the world has to offer. Also as they say subtle girls lead happy life! 

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Because those who live life the right away know that it is always about appreciation over depreciation!

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