SUKHNEET wears Pregnancy as a Crown

We all live in a society full of stereotypes and norms, which are mostly made to feel bad about ourselves, but this boss lady right here has been kicking stereotypes on every step of her life. When the norms like ‘a lady while her pregnancy cannot be fashionably forward’ crawls in, Sukhneet Wadhwa is there to prove you wrong on every aspect possible.

Sukhneet has always been a fashion geek and is known for her edgy style with a girly touch in her outfits. She is a well known fashion and beauty influencer and has thousands of followers on instagram, always sitting on the edge of their seats to watch her new beauty and skincare videos. Her videos are very genuine and factual as she gives out certain and natural tips and tricks to her followers which actually helps them. But besides her videos and blogging and her go to fashion feed in general, its her pregnancy haul that is attracting the attention of her fans currently.

Yess, this boss lady is now pregnant and is flaunting her pregnancy like her crown. Sukhneet who started blogging in 2013 with a blog named ‘mscocoqueen’ is without the doubt a queen of her field. She never lets any obstacle come in her way and affect her when it comes to fashion. She has been continuously posting her skincare, haircare videos and now special videos for pregnant ladies out there who thinks pregnancy is a cocoon where you have to hide yourself for 9 months.  This amazing lady is also a major in finance but after trying her hand into corporate, she started doing blogging and then transformed herself into a brand by using her finance knowledge as a weapon.

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Weighing scale showing way more than ever ✅ Bigger and saggy breasts ✅ Noticed stretch marks ✅ Innie belly now an outright outie ✅ Legs with more flesh ✅ (can say I now have the Punjabi paat) Butt is firmer ✅✅✅ (the only nice part of it all) Yet, every single day I tell myself I'll own it however it is or will be. Not for a single day, I doubt that this is just a phase. Even if I do, I have a partner who tells me am just doing fine and will be right back at it in no time. The maximum might you can get is from your own self. I have not believed more in the power of self-belief than I have during this time. Am sure there are woman going through more than just this.. Yet, Never Doubt-Never Fear. How do you keep up? #cocomamaa

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This married fashionista is living the best life possible with her hubby and is set to bring a cute mini-coco in this world. Stay tuned to her page for more admirable posts which will make you feel good about yourself.


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