Taking Social Media By Storm: Himanshi Goel

We all know how life never goes according to us, and how it’s full of surprises. Some surprises we might like and others might not be in our favor. Being spontaneous and keeping the arms open for new adventures can often lead to roads less taken. Don’t ever restrict your thinking; just passionately go with the flow because you never know what’s coming your way!

Even on my worst days I’m killing it!

Say hello to Himanshi goel, the girl is taking social media by storm with her out of the world fashion sense. Himanshi is face and voice behind the Blog BeesAndBaubles, her readings and pictures are as unique as the name of her blog. She is known for coming up with some really interesting and beautiful content related to Travel, Beauty and Fashion. Her Instagram is definitely the talk of the town because of the amazing pictures she posts. She is a true epitome of success and has made it big in the fashion world today. What makes Himanshi even more special is how she promotes self love and teaches is to be comfortable in our own skin. No matter how many styles change, the number of brands she endorses; her favorite #ootd will always be her skin.

Himanshi never really planned to start blogging and take it as a profession. A Delhi University graduate, Styling and Blogging were never a part of her 5 Year Plan. Being said that, she always had a place for fashion in her heart because fashion gave her freedom to be herself. Bees and Baubles, that just started as a blog name has now become a brand in itself, and has been associated with renowned fashion, luxury, travel, beauty and lifestyle brands. As far as her content is concerned, she keeps it informative and relatable to the audience.




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