Talented Delhi Chic and Fashion Diva: Pallavi Singh

The classy style and chic attitude of That Delhi Girl shines through her social media handles and has helped her gather a huge fan base over the years. In this cluttered content world, Pallavi Singh has made her mark with weird and interesting brand deals, her originality, creativity and authenticity. Her core areas of interest and expertise include beauty, fitness and fashion which have always been engaging and inspiring to her loyal audience.

Pallavi picked up blogging as a hobby or a weekend-thing when it was still a picking industry in India, while she had a full-time job. Well, since her blog picked up so well, she quit her nine-to-five job to become a full-time digital creator.

She has always been a Delhi girl for people around her, and therefore, the name of her blog “That Delhi Girl” became more like an epiphany because of the same. She completed her masters from Pilani and pursued a job in the corporate sector in Hyderabad, but people never stopped sensing the ‘Delhi vibe’ in her. She says that she never gave much thought to the name but it somehow worked really well for her.

In this cluttered space, she gives her content an edge by being as real and relatable as possible. She wants to make sure that her audience knows that she is just a regular girl behind her glamorous avatar and crazy travel shots. Her posts are more personal than sponsored and her feed isn’t too heavy on paid content. She dabbles in every genre possible so that she has something to offer to everyone who comes across her content.

A regular day for this beauty mogul includes taking meetings, shooting all day, brainstorming ideas, sometimes even sitting on a computer and invoicing. She reads the right magazines and follows the right accounts to stay inspired and updated with her research. Collaborations, brand associations, freelance writing projects and event coverage are how she takes moolah for her efforts.

Creative freedom and editorial objectivity with the influx of brands are important for her to maintain. She simply refuses to take projects which have set brief or don’t go with her audience or her personality. She doesn’t like to post content when instructions are given in the name of briefing, being a part of the inception of the idea is very important to her. When there is a need, she definitely asks brands to give inputs; otherwise she is the one who likes to come up with multiple concepts as options for brands to pick from.

Nobody can deny how incredibly she has shaped herself in this profession. She advises young bloggers to create because their heart is in it and rest everything will fall in place.

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