The Famous Indian Muser: Laakshi Pathak

TikTok Starlet, Laakshi Pathak, is one of the most famous musers in India. She is best known for her comedy video clips as well as her lively lip-syncs. For being an ace TikTok comedian, she has already earned the craved precious badge and is now a crowned muser. The Virgolicious style blogger is from Mumbai, Maharashtra and currently dwells there.

With her fervent style, cute smile and smoking hot personality, she has gained a massive following in India. She has almost 5 million followers on her TikTok handle and 428k followers on her Instagram page ( as well.  She is admired for her grateful and down-to-earth nature which is why her loyal and cheering audience continues to increase every single day. Literally anything she uploads goes viral within seconds!

She is the number one star at the mere age of twenty-one. She is also well-known for exceptional collaborations with fellow musers. One of her most loved collaborations is with Prateek Rana, fellow lip-syncing sensation with a self-titled account. As far as updating her fans is concerned, she has been regularly posting on her social media handles without fail or the infamous celeb-pause.

She believes that TikTok defies one basic hypothesis which most Indian companies have always had: Indians aren’t comfortable with recording their own videos. However, she says that now the youth market out there is killing it. TikTok has pushed the envelope with its original vibe as it is no longer about companies trying to become “Twitter or Vine” of local regional content space.

She has never stuck to the basic or standard rules and has never played safe. She takes risks and always creates original and compelling content in a fairly bold manner.  She has definitely reaped the benefit of her risks too! She’ll be taking over the world of modeling shoots too, especially after her portfolio shoot with Celebrity Face.


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