The Perfect Everyday Outfit Inspiration: Krutika

I wish that every time I LIKED an outfit on Instagram, it would magically appear in my closet. 

Seasons and styles both come and go. Seasons always come back, and styles come back sometimes. It’s especially great when our favorites make their way back. One trend that changes, but never goes out of style is the casual look. Deciding what to wear day in and day out is a chore. In fact, even the most fashion-obsessed experience “getting ready” fatigue. But what if we were to tell you that we have some amazing inspiration for looking chic every day with next to no effort? With the sole aim of maximizing our snooze time and making our morning routines more hassle free, we decided to do extensive research into the pieces that our favourite influencer wears on the regular. And what we found was that there are things which you can easily find around and style just like her.

Meet Krutika, popularly know as The Mermaid Scales on Instagram and Youtube. Krutika is content creator and a youtuber, she posts related to personal style, lifestyle and travel. How can we not mention the bomb and creative makeup looks that she comes up with? This fashionista has hooked on thousands of people to her Instagram picture and people go all ga-ga over chill and casual outfits. Her outfits give such a Tumblr and Pinterest vibe, we absolutely love! These are outfits which you can easily wear outside, very comfortable, casual and extremely stylish as well.

Here are the looks we have shortlisted:

All Black

Let’s just admit, this is the outfit you need in this winter season. Firstly, all black and you cannot go wrong with this color. Secondly, all warm and cozy. Third, super fashionable.

Too Chill

A well fit denim jeans is a girls best buddy. Denim jeans are really versatile and can legit be paired with everything and anything you have. A sweatshirt which says SOCIAL, well wow! Loving the clips and sunglasses.

Monday Blues? Yes!

The kind of Monday Blues we all need in our lives. When you do not know what to wear; throw on a bright hoodie with white joggers and chunky sneakers. It will keep you covered and look very quirky,


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