The Queen of Glamour and Finesse: Ankita Mehra

Renowned content creator, educator and fashion blogger, Ankita Mehra, has a style which is young, spirited and totally in sync with what every woman of the new age is looking for. She is the maven of stylish tops to dresses and even bags and makeup. She nails the modern Indian woman look every single time. Ankita’s take on contemporary fashion for everyday wear is easy to grasp and can totally transcend our style into something much more exciting. Her style is a lot more relatable to us common folks and she hits the right note with her fashion statement.

Best known as a blogger, Ankita is ranked in the list of most popular celebrities. As a freelance makeup artist and lifestyle blogger, she is admired for her exquisite taste in fashion and cosmetics. She was born on July 17, 1992 and is based in New Delhi, India. She is 25 years old and is a Cancer by her birthstone. She is highly skilled in branding, digital media marketing, content writing and customer service management.

Before delving into fashion, she decided to pursue her intellectual dream. She has completed her Bachelor’s Degree focused in engineering as well.  She also has an Instagram handle @ankitamehraofficial ( with a massive following of 179k and an audience that is loyal and ever-increasing. As an engineer, editor and digital marketer, she is well-respected and admired by the blogging community. Ankita was also the Star Jury at Stylebee Pageant Finale 2018 which was lit up by some well-known fashion influencers and educators.

As evidenced by their frequent appearances on her Instagram, she is very attached to her family members. Her sisters, Anaika and Eisha, are ever-present on her feed with regular mentions, pictures and tags. She is also said to be well-associated with Shraddha Singh and Cherry Jain, who are also beauty bloggers from New Delhi.

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