The Sass Queen: Somya Gupta

When we hear the word ‘SASS’ , the only name that comes to mind is Somya Gupta and this is the level of captivity she has on everything she touches. She has the power that captivates the attention of anyone who lays eyes on her and none other than her cute dimples are to be blamed for this. This 21 year old Instagram star is the perfect fusion of cute and hot. She has a lot of followers going mad over her dimples and smile and let’s not forget her very unique and amazing sense of fashion.

She stepped into the world of influencers in the year 2013 and since then started gaining fame because of her great style, makeup tutorials, shopping hauls, and a lot of things that kept her audience going gaga over her posts and updates as she just seems to have a very unreal knowledge of how to carry herself that makes everyone awestruck.  She attained a lot of fame and started earning from a young age through her make-up and travel posts. It’s like she was destined for influencing. She was personally friends with a fellow prominent influencer Meghna Kaur and they posted a picture together that created a lot of buzz among the followers. This girl with 586K and still increasing followers on Instagram has achieved a lot for her young age in the world of fashion and digital influencing.

Somya has a weird but very cute obsession with pineapples. In fact she doesn’t have any fear of disclosing her nickname ‘Michu’ on her Instagram handle and her followers love this because let’s face it, what else do we want other than our favorite bloggers revealing their cute little secrets.

We wish this elegant and sweet as sugar girl the best for her forthcoming projects as she is the perfect example of a cute face with a bold personality which helps her becoming a head turner where-ever she goes and slay whatever she wears.


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