The Super Youtuber-Mommy : Komal Narang

Having substantial dreams is one thing but working firm to fulfill them with the fear of how the society will judge you is another. We often do what we are expected to do by the people around us and not what we actually enjoy which leads to the assassination of such much creativity that we have within us.

Creatorshala’s Reader’s we are back with an article on a wonder woman Komal Narang aka MyHappinesz that will propel you to do what you love in life. Komal, popularly known as MyHappinesz on Youtube And Instagram started her Youtube Journey 6 years back and has not looked back ever since. As her user name on social media’s suggest; her Youtube is not just another beauty and fashion channel. She makes sure to add smiles and a lot of positivity through her videos by keeping them very realistic and relate-able with her audience. Komal isn’t just the founder of MyHappinesz but also owns another channel on Youtube “KomalVlogz” where she share her beautiful everyday life with her loving husband and her cute little son.

Komal’s life hasn’t always been so easy but as they say after a sad day comes a glad day. This splendid woman has a beautiful family. Breaking all the norms of the society; her husband encourages her to do what she loves to i.e, make videos and is very supportive. It’s really inspiring how she keeps juggling between work, home and her kid not only that Komal while doing all this manages to motivate so many woman out there. Her Youtube and Instagram has a huge fan base of mommies, college students and other bloggers who enjoy seeing happy feed.

It’s admiring seeing how she manages her online and offline life so well keeping a balance between the two. Her husband often helps in recording as well as editing the videos making things a little easy for her. Cute isn’t it? She doesn’t just manages work with a toddler but the couple has traveled to so many different countries with their young one.

Komal definitely manages to make us smile and inspires us in every way.

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