Things to do when you are Feeling Lonely!

It’s a lazy sunday afternoon and you are sitting there by yourself lazing around having nothing to do, and what do you do? You take your phone and start scrolling through your feed Instagram-SnapChat-Facebook(Not necessarily in that order) and bamb a friend got married, another one gave birth to twins, the schoolmate you hated the most got hitched, and what not! 


This is when feelings of loneliness kicks in and you are grounded under the burden of Humility and you lose yourself in such a place that finding and bringing yourself back is a troublesome task! 


Team Creatorshala brings you 10 things to try,when alone! 


Improve: Use that free time, as an opportunity to do that little something, you have been meaning to do for a long time. Check out that gym, shape your nails, go out and get done with your waxing and the list goes on. The easiest way to go about this is to make a list about such tasks and whenever you feel free, pick one and just go about it! 

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Read: That magazine you bought of the stand last weekend is still lying in the corner, the book you have been meaning to finish for about two months is also nearby. The article sent by your best friend to look upon is still unread in the mailbox and still our first instinct in free time, is to pick up that mobile phone and start scrolling! You need to change this habit ASAP. cCollect you books and magazines, and rack them up on that table near you and try choosing them over gadgets. You will have to do this involuntarily for some time, but once you make a habit out of it. Reading will be your favourite timepass. 

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Retail Therapy: Since you have already peaked about lot of happening things on social media, maybe its not a bad idea to do a lil something for yourself! Log on into your favourite shopping app, slide out things from wishlist to the cart and boom you have a gift from yourself !  


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Just a Bite : Eating the dishes we like the most, releases hormones like oxytocin or serotonin in the body, which will leave you with a feeling of well being!Also, anyways we all love food too much to be sad in its company.

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Vision Board: Maintain a diary, scrapbook or a little something so as to how you see your life 5 years down the road, and every once in a while to review it. Not only will this keep you engaged it is sure to motivate you for times to come.  

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Memory Lane: Bring out that old family album, or open that iCloud Drive with pictures of years in college or school have a look at those funny moments where you lived your life out, and if possible call out that old friend you are spotted with in the pictures and have a hearty laugh.

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Non Human Mate: If you have yourself a pet, you wouldn’t have been reading this in the first place. However going out and playing with a neighbour’s dog doesn’t seem such a bad idea right? 

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Sing Along : Put on your favourite songs, and favourite shorts start with a melody and end on the rock song you love the most, and go about your house! P.S: This will also burn calories

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Take a stroll: Take those earphones, and sneakers out, and go out in the park. Have a breathe of fresh air, meet new people and if possible please start doing this daily.

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Pamper Yourself: Yes we are talking about those hour long manicures, pedicures and hair spa not only will this task take your mind of the current situation. This will also leave you with shiny new nails, loving locks.

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Bonus Tip : Watch Friends: The fact is scientifically proven that watching FRIENDS reduces anxiety and we are prouder than ever, and you are allowed this whenever you feel like

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