Things You Should Not Be Doing


Little Habits and some small ifs & buts on our parts, may lead to a less brighter future, a less contented soul and most importantly a unhappier you.  

Waiting for the right moment : This one point is equally valid for modest changes to life altering transformations. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about getting a new haircut or moving from your homeplace to Canada. It doesn’t matter if you are thinking of preparing for your exams or dropping out of college and working on your startup. You will have to hustle your way to the right moment! 


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Or worse, Procrastinating: Not doing something you should be doing, is the worst thing to do. No matter how much you love just lazying around, until and unless you get up and work your ass off you will be a still point in this that procrastinating work is something that you will regret with all your heart and is to petty a dead, which will make you harsh on yourself in times to come!  

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Wondering, what other people are thinking : “Agar hum ye sochenge ki log kya sochenge toh phir log actually kya sochenge” Is the most used phrase of some time however have we actually stopped thinking about the social standards and how they define us? Are we actually evolved enough to break the invisible bars and live lives to our own accord?


Belittling Yourself: This habit is induced and promoted by excessive use of social media, and is bound to throw you into a nexus of anxiety or self hate! The crisis at hand is so complex that we fail to understand that which one is worse! Just because someone is prettier than you, has a higher salary or married to a rich man does not mean that the world is coming to an end for you!  

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Thinking you are supposed to : The more we try to fit in the social parameters of how things are supposed to be and how they are meant to be, the more we try to stay away from the path god has carved for us, and as a result we stand bruised knee in the middle of no where. Its like having a boating paddle in the middle of the desert. No matter how good your efforts are or how much hard work you pitch in, you may end up getting no where!

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Every now and then people look back at their lives and wonder what went wrong. What is it they couldn’t do to be where they always wished to be. Maybe its something they did not stop doing at the right time. Hence in addition to the above mentioned points, its always your time you should value the most. 

It is only your decision weather to spend your time or use it!

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