Thinking Out Of The Box: Kinjal Shukla Bhanushali

“Creativity is seeing what everyone else has seen, and thinking what no one else has thought.”

It takes a master mind to think out of the box and create content like no one else is creating. You cannot just be casual with things and follow others. It’s extremely salient to let your imagination run wild and free. Add your touch and flavor to things you are creating. Don’t be a sheep, you don’t have to be part of the crowd that doesn’t really matches your thinking level. Be passionate and do whatever is in your hands to do everything with utmost perfection. Be obsessed with CREATIVITY.

One such creative person is Kinjal Shukla Bhanushali. Kinjal is a Digital Content Creator based in Mumbai, she posts everything related to Luxury, Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, Travel and Food on her Instagram. She is quite a star on the same platform and  has thousands of followers who love her interesting and creative content. We see a ton people posting pictures and creating content on Social Media, but Kinjal has a way of doing things. Her content is what makes her stand out from the crowd. The girl knows how to keep a perfect balance between her personal content and brand collaboration, which is amazing.

Here’s why we admire Kinjal way too much:

Not Letting the Creativity Die

You open her Instagram feed and you realize how much effort she puts in behind each picture. Be it brand collaborations or her personal content; Kinjal never forgets to think out of the box and some extra touches here and there. She is not kidding when she mentions about her obsession with creativity.

Effortless Take On Fashion

Oh good lord, the girl is such a diva when it comes to styling. She carries herself with such ease and grace, its remarkable! Kinjal’s outfits are absolutely drool worthy and stunning. On top of that, she known how to pair things up with and kind of accessories to carry, shoes to wear. So chic.

Well Balanced

What makes her Instagram interesting is the perfect balance between the content. There’s a balance between luxury, fashion, beauty, travel, lifestyle and food related posts. This shows how versatile Kinjal is and it actually attracts tons of followers to her feed.


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