Three social media strategies you need to assimilate from Larissa DSa

A YouTuber, content creator and now an entrepreneur ; Larissa Dsa is miss know it all. She makes it a point to do everything with utmost perfection. Be it her Instagram feed, Youtube travel vlogs or selling the cutest stationery.
Hi there, Readers of Creatorshala. All rising and budding influencers need to read this post because we are discussing about Youtube sensation Larissa DSa’s social media strategies that will sure short help you grow.
Larissa has always created original content that she enjoys believing someone somewhere will notice. The kind of uprightness that you see in her work is extremely rare.
Larrisa’s social media game has always been on point; making sure to attract more followers and brands.
Here are her top three strategies that you can adopt :
  1. Create content that is close to your heart-
    It is not always important to follow trends. Focus on creating what you are good at, what you like and what relates to you best while keeping the followers and subscribers in mind. You can only stay dedicated to something if you really enjoy doing. Larissa is the same person in the videos she makes and behind the camera. Whatever she creates taking her sweet time comes out bomb!


  1. Instagram Feed
    Your Instagram feed portrays you in the best way possible. It’s important to keep it organised since it acts like a canvas. When it comes to Larissa she keeps her feed stunningly beautiful. Loads of colors, tropical vibes and some white dust. She makes it a point to maintain her feed with similar editing on each picture, keeping it colorful and fashionable.


  1. Interact with your followers
    While it is important to do what you relate to; it is extremely salient to interact with your followers. You can only relate to your audience if you stay in touch with them and try finding out their likes and dislikes. As they say, communication is the key in every relationship. Larissa is really active on her Instagram stories, she replies to the lovely comments posted by her audience and even comments on their pictures.
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