Tips For Clear Skin

Every women needs a clear and healthy skin. Kick your skin care routine and follow these tips to give our skin a feather touch –

1. Wash your face before bed :- You should always wash your face before going to bed, this will help removing all the germs, dirt and oil which are being embedded on your face in a whole day. This will give you freshness and allow your skin to grow smooth.

2. Timings for cleansing :- Wash your face for approx 30 to 45 seconds with a small amount of cleanser, as that’s how long a cleanser takes to remove dirt from your face.

3. Wash Properly :- Make sure that you do not leave any cleanser on your face as cleanser leftovers means oil and dirt leftovers on your face. Wash properly by applying maximum water on your skin.

4. Be Gentle :- Scrubbing too hard would make your skin red and rough. Be . from irritation and rashes on your skin.

5. First Hands :- Always take an amount of cleanser on your hands and then apply on your face as you will mix up all the ingredients on your palm and then apply on your face, which will give you good results.

6. Morning Wash is essentials :- Do not skip your morning wash as dust and always wash your face gently when you wake up in the morning.

7. Try a cleansing Brush :- Sometimes even after wash, makeup remains on your skin, use an exfoliating brush with your cleanser to remove even a small particle of dust and oil from your skin. You can find it on any online store such as or

8. Remove Makeup before bed :- Always remove your makeup when you are back to home, use cleanser, facial oils and cotton pads to wipe it off. Sleeping with your makeup makes your skin hard and your complexion dull.

9. Don’t Over wash :- Do not wash your face after every hour as over washing can make your skin more oily also it will open up your skin pores and which can cause pimples and oily skin.

10. Exfoliate :- Use products with alpha hydroxy and lactic acids as these products make your skin radiant moreover this is a trick to remove layers of dead skin cells and dirt that block your pores.

These are few tips which you can follow to get a healthy and clear skin.

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