Vitamins Pills  for Healthy Glow: Pop em & Rock em! 

Omega 3:Essential Fatty Acids

These essential fatty acids are no less than “Heaven in a pill” This one is equally good for your face, hair and a big bonus to your bones! 

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Also a blessing for vegetarian people, as they can have the best of both worlds.


Vitamin – E:Duolingo Vitamin

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We will just quote a research and you will rush out towards the nearest drug store. “People who are known to take vitamin e daily for one year are known to show a 33.8% increase in just 8 Months”

Biotin : After Haircut Vitamin Just when you are through with your haircut, and you are missing your long locks more than ever. Start taking these once a day- be patient for 3 months and love your locks back! 

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Vitamin C: This one is your go to supplement if you dream of being the fair and lovely, because Vitamin C has been proven to reduce melanin which in turns make your skin tone brighter.

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Zinc :Surprised Much?This one should be your go to pill for skin issues like pigmentation and acne! And yeah, Zinc is the new Clean & Clear!

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