What Things! Which Colour?

No, we are not asking you to buy black leggings, along with a beige blouse and white shoes! Because we all agree that talking about a look that easy to pull of is lame at so many levels. We here are stressing upon the importance of creating that “Hatke Look “ and well to get together a look so different and worth being remembered, you need a wardrobe that synonyms with different and differentiates with synonymity! 


Here are 10 Essentials for the Hatke yet Subtle Items, you would want to buy right away: 

Black Pencil Skirt : These will be as usual as black jeggings , just a little more sexy! Equally useful in landing you that dream job, or that dreamy guy you have been stalking for sometime.

Solid Jumpsuit: Never overdressed, under dressed only fabulous! Pair this one with block heels and nude makeup, and watch the world fall at your feet!

Brown Leather Jacket : This should definitely be your first buy this winter, black leather jackets are cery common these days, and look monotonous.Get yourself this tan coloured ensemble match it with black denims and black tee, and you are more than good to go.

Olive Green Trousers:Black Trousers are a thing of the past. We are all exhausted by pairing different blouses, with same black jeggings or plazo’s. Change the game by opting for coloured trousers and be ready to be copied! 

Pastel Trousers: These go really well with formal shirts and make you look younger and petite.There are variety of options to modify this look and create your own.

Little Pink Dress: We are all aware, that the LBD we own, will always be the queen of our wardrobe, however we are suggesting you to invest in a little princess as well. This little pink dress is sure to be at rescue for all your day-outs! 

White Tote Bag :We already know that you are guilty of owning several black bags, and no we do not blame you at all, However white bags are totally different and under rated item of accessory! Not only they look dope with all your denims, they will be the best option for those pastel pants we just mentioned! 

Maroon Boots: There is absolutely nothing wrong in buying a item especially for christmas days and rocking it all through the season! 

P.S: This will look the best with santa cap and almost all your cardigans! 

A Dark Boot CutJeans:It is versatile, it is sexy and we have seen Mrs. Kareena Kapoor Khan wearing it on several occasions! We rest our case! 

Gladiators : (Choose your own colour): Gladiators look sexy and casual at the same time, and can be worn on parties, day outs and vacays! P.S: we insist you to go for these in your favourite colours and rock em! 

P.S: Paint your toe-nails matching or in good contrast to the colour of your gladiators, for that super groomed look.  

Just pair them all with I got it vibe, with a dash of rainbow in it! 

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