Why They Say True Beauty Is Self Love


There are already a million definitions of beauty, some say its personality, some say it’s the soul.For some it’s all about the eyes, and for the rest it is all about what lies in the eyes of the beholder.However do all of these definitions matter, why is it that we are concerned about the opinion of others, will it be wise to consider opinions of others, there are thousands of people with thousands of opinions. In a pool of opinions the only one worthy to drown you is the opinion you have of yourself! In a world full of conditions do you have the capacity of loving yourself unconditionally. Because loving yourself is not a step, it is a continuous process. Everyday you may find a flaw or imperfection about your own self and just like that you will have to let it go, and find something to love about that flaw some beauty in that imperfection! 

Actual Meaning of Self Love 


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Why is it that our parents are behind us about things they find some scope of improvement about, because they love us beyond measure, similarly once you start loving yourself beyond conditions and for who you are you stop running from your fears or stop avoiding your shortcomings. You sit with yourself and face them. 

You wake up enthusiastically, you are happy for the 24 hours you get to spend with yourself and the world doing what you do. 

Self love is not about running after improvement it is about loving what you do and pursuing for what you believe in. 

Accepting your feelings and emotions is as imperative as accepting how you look. Because whenever you love someone, you have to fall in love with the whole package. 

Being Compassionate, because only a person who is in love with themselves can truly love others. You can never pour out from an empty cup. Can You?

It is only up to your own self to give you enough freedom to be who you are, and to be with people who bring out the best in you. 

The first few points in your priority list should always be all about yourself. 

Exhibiting gratitude for who you are! If you are not thankful for your body, mind, and soul you will never be truly thankful for anything else.

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