About Us


Creatorshala is a platform for bloggers, youtubers, creative creators, influencers and every other type of creators. It is a place where you can share your content in any form and will get a brand collaborations with brands all over India. Blogs,videos and all other content have been around since the early 2000s and to have a great understanding of creative content, see it as a storytelling. We all know creators in different communities have a new ball game. We at creatorshala provides creators a social platform to design us in a way that it becomes great to be a part of stories you tell.


Blogger, influencers, content creators and all other type of creators can join creatorshala just by signing up at our site www.creatorshala.com . You can join as creator and choose to be a part of a community which you are interested and provides us with great stories of that community. We have different communities like fashion, beauty, lifestyle, fitness, food, travel, luxury, technology, music and what not. We’ll provide you with the best. 



We have complete dashboard for brands in which they can signup as brand.We give complete system in which brand can make campaign and select creators who have applied for the campaign.We will giving complete support to brands as we have highly experienced team in Complay Digital Media Pvt Ltd.You can start creating your brand account on www.creatorshala.com/brand/register