Ans: - Sign up on and submit details .You will be able to get an complete creators profile on creatorshala.

Ans:- Just click on forgot password and enter your registered email id on it.You will get an new password link on email.

Ans: You can go to “my messages” section in your profile or email us at

Ans: Yes you can use your creatorshala profile for showing your work and social media links to brands. You have to just send creatorshala profile link to brand.

Ans : If you are making content in beauty,fashion,lifestyle,food,luxury,technology,facts,travel,diy or making any other type of creative content than you can join creatorshala.

Ans:- Once you have completed your campaign successfully than you will be getting paid within 15 days of campaign completion with your selected paid method.

Ans:- Go to “my campaign” section on your creatorshala profile and apply for the ongoing campaign.

Ans:- Yes you can collaborate with our content team and get your content featured on social media pages and website. Email us on

Ans: If you have more than 50k followers or subscribers on any of the social media platforms than request us on to get featured on creatorshala.

Ans: Creatorshala is not only social media but it is one of its kind of a platform where you can share your content,stories,brand campaign,contest and many more.

Ans :- Yes we have anroid & IOS app and you can go to play store & app store to download the application

Ans :You can signup on and create. Your profile will be known as creators account with all social media accounts and all brand work.

Ans: Any person who is making creative content on any of the social media platform like youtube,instagram,facebook and tiktok can join creatorshala. All bloggers,instagram influencer ,youtubers and tiktok makers are invited to join creatorshala.

Ans: All bloggers,youtubers,instagram influencers and tiktok creators are eligible to be a part of creatorshala community. There are different categories like beauty,fashion,lifestyle,luxury,travel,diy,tech and all other categories

Ans: No creatorshala is not only for blogger but for all creators. Any type of creator making content on social media can join creatorshala.

And : If you have a account on creatorshala than you can see “My campaigns” section in your profile.You can apply for the ongoing campaign if you are eligible for it.

Ans: You can verify your profile by submitting documents to us. Just go to KYC section and get it done.

Ans: You will get complete creator profile for your account when you signup on

Ans:- Yes you can connect your social media account like Instagram, facebook and youtube account which all data and analytics to show to brands and get work.

Ans:- If you have completed the campaign and the campaign is now approved.We will be transferring the payment in your bank account or digital waller as selected by you within 15 days of campaign completion.

Ans :- If you are an college student and interested to become a campus creator for creatorshala just sign up as a creator on creatorshala.

Ans : If you are campus creator at creatorshala than you can get a brand campaign and events in your city to be a part or it.

Ans:- If you have just passed out or not in college now, them you can migrate to other ranking categories like rising and unique creator.

Ans:- Yes, you can get brand campaign as creatorshala campus creator and get exposure by promoting product and services for the top brands in india.

Ans: Any student which is in college can be a part of creatorshala campus creators community.

Ans : You can signup on creatoshala as a Brand,company or an enterprise and get complete account for managing your brand campaign.

Ans: Creators influencer marketing is just a modified version of influencer marketing.You can promote your brand,new product or service with the power of influencers and reach to large number of audience with the power of creators and influencers.

Ans: In your brand profile,just go to “start campaign” .Then submit all details and request for proposal from our team.

Ans: We are a community with bloggers,creators and influencers all across india.We will send your the list of creators which you can choose according to the marketing budget and the area you want to target.

Ans: We have all types of creators profile on our platform.Depending on your budget,location you want to target and type of product we will send you list of creators.