Ashlesha Sadras
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About Me

I am a corporate professional by the day and a writer by night. One fine evening in the midst of my busy corporate life, I penned down some random thoughts that gave birth to a series of short poems and stories. Being an amateur to the writing world I was amazed by the audience response to my writings and I planned to take my writings a step forward and publish my work.I then decided that I will not let the fire of writing within me die and continued writing. Looking upon my subscriber’s eagerness on waiting for my next poem, I published my anthology in the form of an e-book " In the Midst of Chaotic world" which is available on kindle. When I am not writing I enjoy travelling and train on dance fitness.I want to inspire as many souls as possible through my writing and help them unleash their potential by exploring the different aspects of life and to help them set themselves free from the cage of fear !!! Set Yourself free !!!