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Babar Khatri is my Offical Channel name. Earlier the channel name was Bk Vlogs. Every Monday Thursday and Saturday I am Uploading videos here and that video will be around Travelling, vlogging, Tutorials, Fitness, Grooming, News, Technology, Comedy, etc. and much more stuff like reviews on the product. and we will give all the basic knowledge in deep about Google, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, etc and much more. We don't have time to face negative energy by uploading fake content so just be clear that my all content here is Legal and totally perfect and approved one. So if anybody feels that my channel is useful for you then consider Subscribing. Because it's Free:) My date of birth is 20/11/1996 so just calculate the years on the day you were reading.I am from Mumbai India and my Favourite people are my subscriber, I can do whatever for my subscriber whether they are 100 or 100Million. I will make sure that each and every one of you connects me directly by our heart. Thanks!!