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Welcome to Angel M Style I’m Meena, an Indian- Delhi resident. And just like Delhites do, I love travelling, dressing up and of course spreading happiness. For long I had thoughts of starting a blog of my own to encourage women all around the world to not be restricted with predefined fashion styles and take chances in life. I am a Central Manager in an IT company by profession. But that could never stop me from following my passion in fashion, music, food travelling and much more. And here I am. I brought my blog AngelMStyle into public light in October 2015 and there’s no looking back now. My blog is all about fashion tips, lifestyle and lots and lots of beauty tricks. But nothing like the usual. It’s all sugary and very spicy. Fashion blogger Wanna know more? Read on to find out. My fashion Journey : My first blog went live on 21 st October 2015 with little knowledge of how I would go about it. And it has been an amazing journey since then. My idea of fashion is ‘wear what suits you the best’. You will not only find label brands in my blog but street fashion as well. For me, fashion isn’t about spending more but experimenting more. You will find me juggling from my personal style to some high street picks to beauty tips to travel picks & culture and some fashion goals. Everything that you have in mind is here. I am a sucker for online stores and street shops and that made me try blogging and I joined the club of fashion- Fashion Blogger. I write about my personal dress ups, how I style myself for different occasions and much more. What you can expect from the blog You can definitely expect the blog to b unusual, anything but boring, quirky, trendy and ah-mazingly experimental! You have just one life so make it fashionable. Keep it large. Break the barriers and try something you haven’t. I am forever thankful to my support system, who I consider my family, my dearest brother and all my super amazing friends who are and will be there by me. Life has been a blessing! Thank you for being patient enough to read my journey Much Love Meena.

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