Roslin ____

1 week ago

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She is small, but Not Easy.
She is silent, but Never Quiet.
She is Fun, with a Warning.
She Laughs, without Fear.
She is a Woman.

She is a Galaxy. Unaffordable.
Love, treasured inside her Soul,
She paints her heart Out.
Spirits pretend not to See.
Anxious! For her soul holds Power.

Her eyes, beautifully Carved.
Eyes of an angel that truly Love.
Eyes that can kiss kindness to Heal.
Eyes that can speak the truth that Kill.
Eyes that admires Real Men.

Mistreat her! She turns out to be Your Mirror.
To respect her is what you must Learn.
She is Water. She can quench your Thirst.
She is Fire. She can watch you Burn.
She is Mystery, but she is Real. - Roslin

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