6 months ago

Be Real But Not So Real On Social Media

Hey everyone, Hope you all are doing fine. I just want to discuss about real and fake personality on social media. There are some people or creators who wants to be so perfect on social media even when they are not so comfortable with it. Sometime trends are weird but they follow everything just to be on point. Social media is a platform to express yourself, your creative self and your skills. It should not be a depressing place. Yes, you read it right. Depressing. Don't take social media so serious that you forget yourself and loved ones. If you are not comfortable with any trend, don't post. Don't post every little detail about your personal life. My point is enjoy your social media presence. Engage, post and create. Don't forget the real world, real friends and real family. Be real with your content. Don't rush with trends. Do what makes you happy. Enjoy your time with family and friends. When you're real and enjoy social media, you will get more love from your audience. Be consistent and enjoy. What you think about it ? Do share your views. Cheers. Have a smiling day. :) Instagram- @million.shades.girl