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9 months ago

What do you think about Podcasting?

It's a new thing that is added in the list of blogger & Influencer. Podcasting is like having your own radio show. Some web users love to listen to audios because it allows them to multitask. For example, you can listen to a podcast while driving or cooking. You don’t have to watch or read. All you have to do is listen. So, it’s easy for your audience to consume podcasts than videos and articles. Like I love to Listen That Boho Girl(Kritika Khurana) Podcast. Kritika Khurana is a big Fashion Blogger and in the lockdown, she started a podcast that is Uncut Kritika. The podcast talks about adulting, careers, and self-care. Want some advice on how to deal with heartbreaks? Or why negative thoughts are not to be taken seriously. She talks about important and emotional topics which all youngsters face. Share which one is your favourite Podcast and why??