Koester Salter

2 months ago

The Key to Finding Your Personal Style With Stitch Fix: Complete the Style Profile

The Stitch Fix Style Profile allows you to provide detailed information about your unique style, fit preferences, and fashion tastes, so your stylist can select items you're sure to love. When you first sign up for Stitch Fix, you'll be asked to fill out an initial style profile. This helps your stylist get to know your sizing, favorite brands, style inspirations, and the types of clothing you're interested in receiving. The more details you provide in your style profile, the better equipped your stylist will be to choose pieces that align with your personal style. Be as specific as possible when describing your style. For example, instead of just choosing “casual,” select options like “laid-back weekend style” or “trendy street style.” Provide details on preferred fits like “tailored” or “relaxed.” Note the colors, patterns, fabrics, necklines, and silhouettes you tend to gravitate towards. List any fashion brands you love as well as any you want to avoid. Share photos of outfits or styles you find most flattering and inspiring. The visual references will help your stylist gain valuable insight into the types of pieces you prefer. You can also link to a Pinterest board or Instagram account to give your stylist a well-rounded sense of your style. Update your Style Profile regularly and provide feedback on each Fix to help refine your stylist’s selections. Let your stylist know which items were your favorites and why. Be open and honest about any pieces that missed the mark. The more your stylist learns about your evolving style over time, the more customized your Fixes will become. With your invaluable input and direction, your stylist can achieve the goal of sending you amazing clothing you'll absolutely love. See More: