Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, is this plush property that spells grandeur & splendor in all its forms, thereby taking the concept of INCREDIBLE INDIA to the next level! 'ITC Grand Bharat' is truly a gem of a place with an all-around Grand vibe symbolizing the concept of 'Bharatvarsha' which encompasses the true essence of India ✨. Believe me, if you truly want to taste the rich heritage and culture of India, along with its varied flora and fauna, under one roof, then @itcgrandbharat has to be your jam! ✨ So, if you're stuck on where to travel to next, fear not! @itcgrandbharat has got you covered. Also, let's not forget how instagrammable this humongous property is ? ✨ I have been getting a lot of DMs from you guys, since last three days, asking me about the property and telling me how much you loved it! I will, therefore, make a separate story highlight on my profile, so that this experience can live permanently with us all ? #thatnomadcouple #travel blogger #collaboartion #ITC GRANDBHARAT

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