Shweta Chopra

1 month ago

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This post is for all those aspiring beauty pageant contestants who are participating in a beauty pageant . Sharing few tips which I have learnt from my experience.
Few things to keep in mind when you are walking on the ramp. Before we start,
Let me tell you one thing there is a huge difference between a fashion show ramp walk and a beauty pageant ramp walk.
⭐️Entry – Remember the Saying ” your first impression is the last impression.” Your entry should speak for you.
⭐️Your attitude matters most.
Its not the attire you wearing its the attitude you carries which matters most.
When you walking a fashion show you are representing a brand and the focus the audience focus should be the label but when you walking for a beauty pageant. You are the brand and all eyes should focus on you.
A smile will do the needful . Your smile is the only convent you are having with your audience so make remarkable.Remember you have to give a genuine smile one which comes naturally. Don’t try to fake it.
Maintain an eye contact with the audience and judges both.
While walking a fashion show you would never see a model doing same but yes thats another difference.
Your posture tells a lot about you. It shows how confident you are. A confident walk is an impressive walk.
Walk straight
Walk the beat (but don’t start dancing)
Walk in moderate pace. Not too slow not too fast.
I know we all watch those tall supermodels doing that criss cross walk but thats not for you so, Do not cross legs
⭐️Do not swing arms – Remember you are not marching for Republic day parade 😜 Don’t make them stiff but yes let them move naturally but if naturally they swing you have to stop that babe.
⭐️ Posing – Yes,you need to pose to get those beautiful shots for posting on Instagram later but be kind towards other contestants. Practice your poses and try no to exceed 6-7 seconds.
Don’t try to do any dramatic poses to look different. Keep them simple and elegant. Be pure and couture
⭐️Exit – . Your exit should be as noticeable as your entry.
Don’t just walk to leave the ramp but walk to leave an impression. Remember, Your walk is not finished until you reach backstage. So maintain your posture throughout.
Hope this post will help you guys. Share it with someone participating or planning to participate in future. Tag your friends and do leave a comment below if you like this post.