Rinu Suthar

7 months ago

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Roses are more than a pretty smell. Rose water offers a numbers of benefits to the skin. While picking up a rose water make sure you choose one which is 100% pure. PAHADA Organic Damask Rose Water from FRUUSH ORGANIC is 100% organic and pure. X No alcohol. X No preservatives. X No chemicals X No sulphates X No parabens. MADE in uttarakhand FROM damask roses MAKING process of still distillation. PRICE 180rs for 100ml. SHELF LIFE – 12 months. ​ The first thing of this product i noticed is the smell of this product which was so fresh. It refreshes, tones and hydrates the skin very well. Just a single spray over the face its refreshes me. Skin feels so soft afterwards. It doesn’t contains alcohol so it doesn’t dries out the skin. Its like a magic potion, one spray of this refreshing rose water and your tired face instantly gets a uplift. My friend also told me that you can use it over your makeup. Well i haven’t tried that yet. I use it as a toner or in my face packs. Overall i love using this. ​ You can buy it from HERE on discount. Amazon