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8 months ago

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Give your skin the loving and soothing touch with Body Cupid Daily Body Lotion. 

Almond milk nourishes your skin with its rich vitamin E and fatty acid content gives your skin unbelievable hydration.
Be sure to include this awesome moisturizer in your daily beauty care routine to pamper your hands and body like never before.. 

Why I like this lotion 🤔 	
1. Regular use restores skin's elasticity and keeps our skin healthy. 	
2. Is enriched with the goodness of natural ingredients 	
3. Gives ample moisturization 	
4. Deep nourishes skin without clogging up pores 	
5. Delays onset of sign of skin aging
6. Keep your skin smooth and satiny 	
7. This product is free from Sulphate, Paraben or minerals oils

Thank you. 
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