Yanik Kumar

6 months ago

hello World! Umm, You might be thinking LOL wow starting with the hello world. Well yes of course, I'm from a computer science background so our first program is to as always HELLO WORLD! I welcome you all to my creatorshala where I'll be showcasing, posting, publishing (or whatever you wish to call it out) my work, my efforts or my thoughts along with some sweet and surprising things. It can be my videos, my static posts of the places I'm travelling and other informative things that will help out reaching people out there. Well if you're new here and don't know who I'm. Then let me tell you I'm an Explorer, Vlogger & Creative person who love to explore out different places and Vlog my life and build out something creative with resources I'm having. And today I'm going to start a my journey hustling from all the things out there. This post is just a straight forward hello to all my page members. Thanks for staying in touch you all will be updated with new posts and content as long as you're my follower. If you use other social platform you can follow me anywhere (Facebook, instagram, twitter, snapchat, linkedin) you'd like to with the username: @yanikkumar #crushingit Thanks and Regards