Priya Dixit

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This show has created the best depiction of Rajasthan ever put to screen and I was literally floored by the beauty of it. This is something you have never experienced before and it will definitely blow your minds away for sure. I never felt so much love and care for Indian classical music ever (was least interested in it to be frank) and the power it has ower you just mesmerises you with it's powerful Music team of the legendary Shankar- Ehsaan-Loy. They just created something that you might wanna change your perspective about Indian classical music. I never had this feeling since I saw Rockstar, it has the same feel of music wrapping you under it's spell, simply put I was spellbound and astonished to see something so pure and heart pounding. What Mr. A R Rahman did for Rockstar, Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy have achieved a similar feet in music department and should be applauded as much as possible. The production design on this show is also something to be admired. It really looks like a high quality Cinema and and should be appreciated. Now to the performances, the leads Ritwik Bhowmik and Shreya Chaudhary have done a tremendous job given it is their debutant performance but who cares (award to Ananya pandey ko hi milna hai ?) well thrre you have it, that was my pun for Nepotism. Especially Ritwik who did a splendid job pulling off the young prodigy of the Rathore Gharana and the way he acted it out simply gave me chills (same feeling I had for Ranbir Kapoor when I saw Rockstar) even though I know the fact that he is just lip syncing everything but it is so visceral that it gets under your skin and stimulate your senses. Well best lines are definitely given to Kunaal Roy Kapoor and his loafer friend Rahul Kumar who are just hilarious. Naseeruddin Shah as Pandit Radhey Mohan Rathore is just amazing and his stellar performance ? doesn't go unnoticed ( He doesn't say much in the entire show but rather acts with his Gestures which is simply genius). Atul Kulkarni also did a decent job along with Sheeba Chaddha who is so expressive with her eyes that she didn't have to say much either ?. Overall I really fell for Music again and my respect for Indian classical music just went up a notch (never felt that before). This show is going to be so influencial that it will definitely arouse interest of everyone in Indian classical music.