Akshita Dayma

Brand Name DYNASTY
Category Web Series Review
Product Type Netflix series


Dynasty follows the extravagance of the wealthy Carrington family as that wealth builds them up only to tear them down. Elizabeth Gillies plays Fallon Carrington, the ambitious daughter of energy magnate Blake Carrington (Grant Show) and flaky social climber Alexis (Elaine Hendrix). From internal clashes to bitter tugs-of-war with their enemies, there’s always some sort of showdown going down at the manor. I’m totally in love with this plot and how powerful Fallon Carrington appears. It’s very inspiring and shows the talent women hold in terms of business and a lot other phases of life . It’s inspiring , refreshing , feministic , powerful and an energetic show to watch. I feel it’s extremely underrated. It has three seasons in all and each show has a twist of its own which makes you stick to the screen in suspicion.