Tru Hair Ayurveda

Brand Name truhairayurveda
Category Product Review
Product Type Hair Oil with Heater

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I got this beautiful pack by tru hair. Have you ever heart about oil with a heater? No, you just did! Tru hair is the world’s first hair oil with heater. It heats the oil at the proper temperature. ? Not only that, it has 13 herbs such as Bhringaraja, Jyotishmati, Japa Pushpa, Amlaki, Sesame, Dina Mallika etc. which helps in hair growth, give shine to your hair, Give volume /bounce to your hair, Makes Hair stronger.? It also contains Fatty Acid which stops the growth of non-frizzy hair delaying greying of hair. Glad that it is free of unnecessary and harmful chemicals. Additionally, it is loaded with goodies that benefit my hair and scalp. Warm oil increases blood circulation and promotes healing of hair. Try ur first oil with heater for a crown that never wavers. ?