If we got a dollar for every time someone body shamed us, we would all be billionaires! ? And Plum BodyLovin’ is set out to negate all of this body shaming, with loadsa love, sass, and body positivity! With their 100% vegan and #JudgementFree line of fun bath & body products, it aims to make you love every inch of your fab-bod! :) This Indian brand, has launched 5 shower gels and 3 body mists so far and I have 3 out of those 8 products with me today. Drivin' me cherry shower gel - A cherrific sulphate free and non- drying super cleanser that smells heavenly❤️ Vanilla vibes body mist- who doesn't wanna smell like a cupcake?? Oopsie daisy body mist- a floral fragrance with a fruity twist? My favorite is Vanilla Vibes Body Mist because it literally smells so heavenly. I'm totally loving it's fragrance and it has a long stay? Shop your picks of this Indian brand at www.plumgoodness.com #VocalForLocal #PlumBodyLovin #JudgementFree #LoveEveryInch #BodyMist #BodyPositivity #Bath&Body #BodyCare #PlumGoodness

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