? On the open road. The writer know all the tricks and terms to keep the readers glued to the book. This story is all about entrepreneurship, self-discovery, blogging and women empowerment. The story is about three people from different professional background but of same motive,i. e, to be an entrepreneur. This is an inspiring story for youngsters who want to mould their passion as their profession. The characters are Myra,Kabir and Sandy. Story has been told from Myra’s and Kabir’s point of view. I would recommend to read this book whenever you feel low or think of taking a break to explore yourself. My favorite lines from the book is – “There might not be a penny in your pocket, you might sleep on a hungry stomach, your uncle might not support you, the world surely won’t! But don’t let the spark in you die. When you look into the mirror, you should know that you’re born to reach for the stars” #otor#bookreview#bookstagram#bookstagrammer#bookclub #bookreviewer#thebookholics#bookholic_fandom

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