Hey guys and girls, Can you relate to this if I say that seemingly Normal things to others, make me feel exhausted? Like talking to a vendor in shop or waiter in restaurant. Or maybe when teacher asks you a question in class and you have to get up from your seat to answer it. Even something as simple and easy as eating in front of people... No, you're not shy. No, you are not in Depression. It's Social Anxiety. A very commonly found psychological issue. It's normal. Everything is normal and so are you. Don't worry. But do you want to step out of that bubble? Have you ever thought that one day you will be a free bird who chimes in every situation and at any place without feeling embarrassed? If yes, then join me in this journey. Honestly speaking I would be more than happy to help. Am I publicizing? No. I just want you to know that you are not alone and that...... It's Normal. To connect with me, find me on Instagram @ruhaani_noor #creator #creatorshala #friends #social #anxiety #newpost #boostup

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