Indoor toddler activities series- #activity1 Colour sorting tray Age group- 2 years and above. Things you need- Muffin tray or colour sorting tray, Coloured cutouts, beads or pom-poms of different colours. 1) Take a muffin tray (or a colour sorting tray if you have one) and fill the slots with coloured circle cutouts. The cutouts will help your kid in sorting according to the colours assigned to each slot. 2) Take a bowl and fill it with coloured beads or pom-poms (corresponding to the colours of the cutouts you have placed in the tray). 3) Let your kid arrange the items from the bowl according to their colours in the tray. You can let them do this by their hands or with the help of tongs. Benefits of the activity- 1) It helps children learn different colours. If your child does not know colours, it is better to sit with them once or twice for guidance while they do the activity. 2) It develops the skill of sorting out things according to the assigned places.  3) If your child is using tongs to sort the beads, it will develop fine motor skills in your child. 4) It is a great time killer as it take around 20-30 minutes for an average child to sort a bowl full of beads. Thus, you can go on with your work or catch up on some rest while your child is at some serious sorting tasks?? This activity is one of my toddler’s favourites as she loves activities related to colours and it helps me keep her busy while I handle my little boy.We make it more interesting by rewarding and praising her after she completes it successfully. Let me know if you have tried it for your children. Would love to hear your opinions. #toddleractivities #colorsorting #colorsortingactivity #colorsortingtray #momblog #momlife #beads #popoms #indoortoddleractivities #littlehumanwonders

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