Too many decisions and myriad consequences Life, as we knew it, pre Covid-19 pandemic, was fast, hyper, tiring and draining. It remains so for quite a few people but some have pur their feet up and truly enjoy that morning morning. The anxiety that we felt in the first few months has dissolved and now there is time and intent to really reconsider life's choices. There is a thing called as #decisionfatigue. The mind is supposed to be making so many choices, consciously, subconsciously and unconsciously in this current fast #world. Too much stimuli, too many calls for action and intense pressure! It is no wonder that people try to escape into numbing experiences like mindless tourism, retail therapy, binge watching series etc , just to give the hyperactive brain a break. DURING the pandemic lockdowns and shutdowns and scares, there is a rising need to invest a little more in the "self". Learning a new craft, indulging in some hobbies, appreciating some foreign movie, baking and so much more. It feels like people are willing to look withing a little more, sit down with themselves alone without panicking and willing to shut off all the gadgets, ignore that notification and just recharge that tired little overworking mind. #futurenow #pandemicrecovery #betterliving

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