"MENSTRUATION"- Still a word of shame? Still a taboo?? ~ Menstruation is a natural phenomenon associated with bleeding and a part of women's monthly cycle. It prepares her body to bring a new life to this world. It nothing but a part of flesh which erodes and bleeds out. ~ Even today when we speak about this word "Menstruation", we tend to whisper, we tend to hide as of it is a crime. Their is always a myth that mem should not be a part of it. We cannot speak about this loudly in front of them. Why is it so?? Are we committing any crime?? ~ Some ads even show the period blood as " Blue" instead of "Red". Is a part of our bodily cycle that much shameful??? When we buy sanitary pads we are provided in a black polythene bag. When the shop is crowded we cannot speak frankly that we need a sanitary pad. Men tend to whisper when they speak on this word. Why is it so?? ~ Isn't it even their responsibility to stand and make a woman comfortable. It's time to say the world that it's natural , not a thing to be ashamed of!! Its a pain a woman goes through which makes her even stronger every month. Its only possible when we break all the myths and stand together to raise awareness so that we cn save the next girl from dropping her education, setting her free even when she bleeds. ~ I am a woman and I proudly say I bleed. It's a part of me, nothing unclean, nothing impure. ~ #menstruation#notamatterofshame#spreadawareness#educatetheworld#loveyourself#reddotchallenge#unicefindia#postforchange. #creatorshalablogger #creatorshalapost #creatorshalafam #creatorshalafeed

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