Aritra Lodh

3 years ago

Glass ski care routine by itz_aritraa Insta handle - “itz_aritraa” Glass makeup is a trend these days. The first person to introduce Glass makeup was Patrick Ta. A makeup looks amazing when it is applied over an amazingly healthy skin. To achieve the perfect Glass makeup , a perfect glass skincare routine needs to be followed. I have faced acne issues all my life but recently I have started taking care of my skin and keeping it hydrated and moisturised always. I will take you through the steps that I follow regularly. ? Hydrate your body . I can’t stress enough on this. Drink a lot of water. ? Follow the simple step of washing, toning and moisturising ? After every two days scrub your face and apply a clay mask ? After toner , apply a hydrating moisturiser, top it up with a oil I’d your skin is very dry and flaky and finally don’t forget to apply your sunscreen even if you are not stepping out of your home in this pandemic. Kick off your Monday blues with a good nourishing skincare and thank me later?? @creatorshala #skincare #glassskincare #creatorshalafeature #followme #essentialskincare #instablogger #kolkatablogger

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