Shalu Giri

4 years ago

Can someone fall in love again? Love....word says everything. Falling in love is a beautiful feeling and we all definitely fell in love at least once in life. Love makes us alive, love makes us see the world differently. But what if that love leaves us alone? Is nothing left in our life? Is loneliness the only thing we get after a break-up? The answer is No. Definitely it take some time to get over from that person, but after we get over from him/her we can definitely fall in love again. Even though he/she broke up with you that doesn’t mean your life is over now and nothing is left in your life.Believe me you can fall in love again and even many times and with the same crazyness that you had before. Falling in love is not always means to fall in love with a person, it can be a thing, like- Reading, writing, etc. We can fall in love with our work or passion and also with the different kind of things. Basically love is in our lives. Be in love with something or someone makes us happy. So, never stop loving. Love makes us alive, it is the part of our life or the reason to live. That doesn’t matter what do you love, a person, your work, your passion, a hobby, that doesn’t really matter. What matters is you are in love.... #fallinginlove #love #relationship #lovepassionately #neverstoploving #loveisinourlives #lifestyleblogger

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