Spoorthi N

11 months ago


A room full of strangers, with all the bags and suitcases packed and the cupboards around…empty. A room with beds and tables and chairs. A room with thousands and millions of memories, ready to accommodate more. Hostel… a home away from home. Roommates... a family away from family. Knowing each other and our stupid funky habits, sharing the same bad hostel food while complaining but still eating, adjusting and acquiring each other’s habits. The laughter, the silent cries, the junk food, the night outs, the rule breaking, the late night talks and midnight horror shows… we shared it all. We went from being strangers to friends to close mates and then inseparable. Hostel memories, unlike many others, are as special and dear that they stay in our heart forever. When I entered that room, little did I know this smaller than my backyard room would hold such a strong connection with my heart. #nostalgia #creator #creatorshala #blogger #creatorshalablogger #hostel #lifestyle

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